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Letter to God - (funny God story)

Letter to god
One day boy wanted One hundred dollars terribly. He prayed for more than week but no interesting thing happened.
He then made a decision to create God a letter asking a One hundred dollar. Once the postal authority of USA realized that someone has addressed his letter to God, they
decided to send it to President Bush

The President amazed as well as interested and he
instructed his admin to send the little child a $5.00 money voucher.
President Bush thought this could appear to be a lot of cash with a
little boy
The small boy was thrilled using the $5.00 and sitting into create any

thanks take notice in order to be able for you to help God, which examine:

Beloved God,
Thanks to you regarding delivering the money, however, I seen
which for whatever reason you had to deliver it by means of California D.C.
and also, as usual, individuals thieves subtracted $95.00.

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